The Gift of a Spiral Life [Writing Yoga® Prompt # 1003] Week 4 of 28 Day Challenge!

Welcome to the last week of our 28 day Writing Yoga® "Feel Amazing" challenge!  If you are just joining us, go back to week 1  and start fresh. If you've been with us since January 6th, have you been able to sit, write, and move for at least 5 minutes each per day?

Don't worry if you skipped a day or one of the 3 steps toward an amazing life. Humans, just like all of nature, move in spirals. We may even feel crushed by backward momentum, but once we see the other side, our rewards can be tremendous.  That's the gift of a spiral path.

Week 4 Writing Yoga® Prompt:

Lumi Sit: Take 5 minutes in silence. Close your eyes. Breathe. Say to yourself, "I am here." Repeat. Slow down the words inside your head. "I am here." Repeat.

Lumi Write:  Draw a picture of a spiral. Take your time and notice what thoughts and images appear in your mind. You can color it in with pencils or decorate it any way you wish. Write down any words that come to mind inside the...

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Milestone 2020: You Made It. [Writing Yoga® Prompt # 1002] Week 3 of 28 Day Challenge!

Do you remember thinking as a kid that the year 2000 was some mythical place in the future where robots ran the world? The robots aren't quite there yet and 2000 was 20 years ago! 

There is a good chance that this is a milestone year for you. Where were you in 1900, 2000, 2010?  Maybe you were a kid, maybe you were having kids, maybe you were dreaming of a future that is quite different from where you are today.

Week 3 Writing Yoga® Prompt:

Lumi Sit: Take 5 minutes to acknowledge your milestones. Close your eyes. Think of something that 2020 represents for you. Maybe it is an anniversary or birthday. Not everyone made it this far so at the very least, breathe deeply, celebrate with each inhalation your arrival on this planet at this time.

Lumi Write:  Let your subconscious be your inner writer. Take 5 minutes to celebrate this milestone year using any thoughts that arose during the Lumi Sit.

Lumi Move: Mountain pose (wall optional).  This is an excellent pose...

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Do Vision Boards Work? [Writing Yoga® Prompt # 1001] Week 2 of 28 Day Challenge!

It used to be a big joke in my house. Mom’s got a vision board. Let them roll their eyes at me and my ‘little arts and crafts project.’ I don’t care. They work.

In 2015, I dreamed up beauty, wishes for my family, success and travel on a cheery pink piece of construction paper. I dreamed of love, determination, and kindness. It reminded me to live in the now and to practice all my practices daily (yoga, meditation, writing) wherever I go. Five years later, my vision is not exactly what I thought it would be, but life is definitely moving forward!

Why does it work? You see your goals happening as if they have already happened and a vision board helps to activate your imagination. Your brain can be fooled into thinking that what is sees is reality. It's a positive step toward the life of your dreams.

Week 2 Writing Yoga® Prompt:

Lumi Sit: Take 5 minutes to honor your inner dreamer. Close your eyes. See, touch, hear, smell and taste the life you will create....

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Dear 2020, I Challenge You to Feel Amazing! [Writing Yoga® Prompt #1000] Week 1 of 28 Day Challenge!

Hello 2020 & happy New Year, dear reader!  I have a lot to say to you, new decade. We’ve only just met, but the zero at the end of your number means a whole lot of anticipation. What can we expect from you? What toll will 2020-2029 take on us?

The baby boomers paved the way for us to think differently about getting old. They just aren't having it!  Studies show that it's possible to feel and look years younger than you are by developing healthy habits including practicing yoga, journal writing and meditating. Writing Yoga® combines all three to help balance your mind, body and spirit. And that balance is what makes you feel AMAZING!

Let's take a page from the boomer's book not because we actually want to be younger, but because we want to experience a life filled with child-like wonder and possibility.

Ready to take the Writing Yoga® challenge to experience youthful excitement, better health and life balance???!!!  I’ll be posting a prompt on...

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