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Happy Accident or Does Meditation Increase Your Chance for New Opportunities? [WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2014]

Jun 14, 2023

When was the last time you thought about someone and they called you out of the blue or showed up on line next to you at the grocery store? Or maybe you noticed something in nature that required multiple factors to make it happen such as the sun fitting perfectly between two buildings in a big city?
I took this picture of the sun on a walk in Manhattan this week and was filled with feelings of wonder and possibility!

We all experience coincidences and random happy accidents, but do they have any meaning? 

Pretty much anything amazing that has happened in my life has been because I was in the right place at the right time. I'd like to think it is not by accident.

It is common for people who meditate to experience frequent synchronistic experiences. Maybe they are just more open to noticing them, but for whatever reason it seems to work in their favor. Things appear and effortlessly fall into place when move in a state that is open and calm. 

Would you like to experience more happy accidents? Give this week's Writing Yoga prompt a try and notice how your week goes!  I am not making any promises. Just think of it as a fun way to experience the world. 


WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2014: Relaxation and Opportunities 

LUMI MOVE:  Legs Up the Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Here is a great way to end the day or a yoga practice. It will help clear your mind and leave you open to new information and possibilities!

Find a spot where you can comfortably place your legs up the wall. Sit sideways next to the wall. Lie down on your side, with your hips as close to the wall as possible. Roll onto your back. Extend your legs up the wall, resting your heels against the wall and letting your feet relax. Breathe deeply. Let your hands fall at your side, and make sure your jaw, neck, shoulders, belly and legs are relaxed. If it helps, you can think about relaxing each part of your body until you feel settled.

Stay here for several minutes.


LUMI WRITE: Your Most Bizarre Coincidence 

This week's yoga pose lends itself to quiet and reflection. From this relaxed state, you are better able to write your thoughts, images and ideas. Think about a wonderful, interesting, wild or bizarre coincidence.  Write down what, where and why you think you had such an experience.  When you are done, see if you can craft it into a short story or poem. Note if the story is funny, exciting or life-changing. 

LUMI SIT:  Reset for the Next Opportunity

After you have completed "Legs up the Wall" pose and have written in your journal, your body and mind will be ready for even deeper restoration.  Find a comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes and breathe. Call to your mind the image of the sun. As you inhale, think of the light of the sun filling your entire body. As you breath out, allow the sunlight to soften. You can even repeat the word, "sunlight" as you breathe in and out to quiet the mind. Do this for 5-10 minutes. Before you open your eyes, stay relaxed and stop repeating the word "sunlight."  When you are ready, open your eyes. 

Try these "Lumi" relaxation activities (MOVE, WRITE, SIT) in the morning or at night.  While most of these prompts can be done any time of day, this one is best in the morning or before bedtime. 

Let me know how it goes & see you next week! - Stef 

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