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Feeling Stuck? Summer is a Great Time to Be Spontaneous! [WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2012]

Jump in a jalopy, splash at the shore, or kick up the grass and go on foot because it's time to get outside and do something different. Whenever you feel as if you're standing still or moving backwards, try changing directions. Move forward differently. 

What is one area of your life you would like to change? When we sit quietly, answers often appear as if by magic. 

WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2012: Your Summer Adventure

LUMI SIT:  Summer Stillness

Relax, the days are getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere. Is there a question that has been weighing on your mind?  Write it down. Close your eyes and breathe. Notice thoughts and feelings that arise. Do you feel sad, angry, betrayed? Emotions can only hurt if we give them the power to do so. As you sit quietly, imagine the ocean. We are so small in the big ocean. Take a thought and drop it into the sea. Repeat. Relax. Breathe.

When you are done, imagine any negative thoughts on an adventure. Use personification to tell their story in your journal.  You just might feel a little more buoyant. 

LUMI WRITE: What is your dream summer adventure? 

Write about your dream adventure. It can be in a far away location or just exploring new parts of the neighborhood. Make it outrageous. Make it fun. List every detail to describe all of the sights, scents and sounds. Bonus: Act it out in real life! 

LUMI MOVE: Playful Boat Pose

Boat pose can be so challenging that even looking at it can make your belly burn. If this is a pose you shy away from, there is a great explanation for beginners here at yoga journal.  Basically, if you think of it as a playful experience it takes the pressure off of you. Try it a few times throughout the day. Write about how you approached the challenge in your journal. 

Try these "Lumi" activities to feel luminous throughout your day.  Let me know how it goes & see you next week! - Stef 

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