Imagine Planning a School Year as if You Were on a Restorative Retreat? Your Dream has Come True!


Seriously, this is a dream come true! Imagine exploring one of the oldest working mills on Long Island, beside the sea, on the grounds where poet William Cullen Bryant wrote poetry. Not only that, visit his study, explore native gardens, and plan history lessons inside a national treasure. (Register on Frontline)

Bryant was a civic leader and editor who commuted by boat to his Manhattan office. There was no train yet, so he helped set up the Long Island Railroad. If you take the Oyster Bay line to Grand Central or Penn Station, you can thank Bryant for making you change at Jamaica. The man was not perfect. 

But let's give him a break since he did help start the New York Public Library, Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bryant Park has a big statue of him as a thank you. 

Would you like to learn more about Bryant, literature, nature and history with me this summer?  There will be plenty of time to tour with experts, share resources, walk the grounds, and even take part in optional yoga! Join a community of enthusiastic leaders and learners who love nature, history, literature, and developing mindful educational settings at our Retreat for School Leaders this summer. 

Cedarmere is a county park so pack a picnic this spring and see it's loveliness for yourself. Read more here:

Download the retreat brochure here to see all of the great things we will be doing! 

Don't wait until June to visit! And definitely don't wait to register for the retreat if you are a school leader who wants the chance plan the school year in an unforgettable way. 

Register on Frontline with Nassau BOCES today before it fills up!

See you at Cedarmere!  - Stef


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