"Stefanie’s Writing Yoga® method is life-changing."

Dorothy McManus, Assistant Principal, Bayville Elementary School

“Stefanie began introducing Mindfulness to our staff and students many years ago. She held Friday morning sessions for the staff before the start of the school day and they were very well attended.  Stefanie’s leadership in this field has helped our staff and students become more aware of their feelings and how they react to the stresses of the day. The reflection and self-regulation has been noted in all areas of the school. We are so thankful to have Stefanie here in our school, sharing her expertise with us on a daily basis.”


Lauren Carroll, Teacher

“Stefanie’s training was excellent. I attended a Writing Yoga​®​ professional development session along with all the elementary school teachers in my district. She provided us with several techniques that could be used immediately in the classroom in a very short period of time. As a special education teacher for the past 25 years and a yoga practitioner for twenty, I know how something as simple as a stretch can transform the tone of a class. Stefanie’s unique approach is very accessible, dynamic and enjoyable too!”

Adrienne Garland, CEO, She Leads Media

"Stefanie’s Writing Yoga method is life-changing. I’ve participated in several workshops and each one brings out something new, different and exciting in me and the other workshop participants. I feel so lucky that I found such a talented and passionate guide on my own writing and yoga journey!! I can’t recommend Stefanie and Writing Yoga highly enough!!”

Antha, Corporate Yoga and Wellness Trainer

“Despite being a corporate yoga and wellness trainer for many years I had fallen into a personal rut the past three. This winter I attended wellness week hosted by Stefanie Lipsey in Glen Cove, NY and through meditation and other nurturing practices offered that week I found that my clock was somehow reset. I had never previously had such an experience with meditation off my mat. Since then I have lost 20 lbs and have regained both my focus and drive to eat clean food and move my body”

La Forrest Cope, Grammy Award Winning Songwriter

"As a producer, singer-songwriter, performer, and author, I often forget about the self-care I need. Lumi4life provides the ultimate remedy. I love the uplifting exchange of peace and serenity found in every yoga class and Writing Yoga® workshop I have taken with Stefanie Lipsey.  After her workshops, I am much more centered and focused. Let Stefanie be your yogi-poet guide to the vastness of the universe and what beauty there is in stillness. I highly recommend her workshops." 

Donna Zaretz Rovegno, Yoga Instructor

"I cannot tell you how much fun I truly had! I loved every minute of the writing, as I was smiling on the inside. The beautiful yoga on the outside as well as the lovely host and participants felt so good! I shared your prompt of thinking of a song with my yoga class this morning in a mind heart opening meditation! Thank you, Stefanie, for your exquisite inspiration."

Stefanie Taylor, Northwest Senior Regional Manager, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

"Stefanie's Writing Yoga® program for cancer survivors and caregivers was one of my favorites. Stefanie makes sure that everyone feels comfortable. Her programs are fun and very accessible for people with physical limitations. The participants came away with ideas for self-care and felt very relaxed after the workshop. I highly recommend a Writing Yoga® workshop for a positive and rejuvenating experience!"

Patti Campanella, Educator

“I had a wonderful time at Stefanie's Writing Yoga® retreat. I feel more focused and positive than I did before the weekend started. I loved the activities she planned and would definitely take another retreat with Stefanie! She is the best and makes everyone feel special.”

Sara Kraemer, Writer

“I just loved the whole vibe of the weekend, the interplay of yoga and writing. The thing I might love most about yoga is it teaches me to be present, to stay here and now. I get so bad at that, especially when I don’t practice it, and I think engaging in that frame of mind carries off the mat to the writing space. It did for me, here, anyway.” 


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