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Can't Plant This….Yet. Early Spring is a Great Time for Reflection and Mindful Walking [Writing Yoga® Prompt #2004]

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Much of the year, most of us live and work in climate controlled environments. Bugs are not welcome. Spring invites us to get outside and create.

In the school where I work as a librarian, the kids are developing a native pollinator garden.  I didn't even know it was a thing! The idea is to plant native flowers and hopefully attract native insects and birds to pollinate them. It involves dirt. The delicate among us might complain, but we will work together as a community to make it happen. The majority of my students do not have ancestors who know what the soil looked like 500 years here. Nature returns to Long Island. 

Our students are anxious to plant, but the soil needs to be prepared. We are turning over grass and putting down organic mulch. The hardest part of it all is being patient! The ground is ready but the air is not.

What are you preparing for now? How do you stay patient when all you want to do is get close to the ground and plant?

WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2004: Spring Reflection and Mindful Walking

SIT: Spring Reflection 

Go outside and seek the spots where nature has not taken root. Visit a botanical garden or sit in a park.  Spend 5 minutes in stillness, noticing what you see, hear, smell and taste in the air. What do you feel on your skin? Can you sense what is ready to bloom?

WRITE: What Will You Plant? 

Grab your notebook and journal about the following questions:

  1. What will I plant this spring?
  2. Where have I been impatient?
  3. How can I best prepare the soil?

MOVE: Mindful Garden Walk 

Children can be wonderful motivators for bringing your energy level up! If you read the blog last week,  I encouraged you to skip around the office. Let's take it down a notch and get into balance. Don't be in a rush;  the garden needs time to grow.

Mindful Walk: 1) Go to a location where people won't mind you walking like a garden snail in front of them (aka, find a quiet and open space)   2) Stand tall and breathe slowly, deeply and evenly. 3) No rush, but when you feel ready, step one foot forward. Notice every sensation of your foot as it makes contact with the ground. 4) Repeat with the other foot and continue alternating feet, allowing the arms to move naturally in rhythm with your step.

As you walk, you may hear the voice in your head telling you it's strange, asking you to hurry, or reminding you of all the things on your to do list. Just notice these thoughts and breathe. Bring your attention back to your feet. Notice how each part of your foot feels differently when it makes contact with the ground.

Feeling Stuck?  Looking to plant something fabulous this spring? Let us help!  

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