Mother's Day is Your Day Too! Make Your Own Creativity Retreat & Honor the Mothers [Writing Yoga® PROMPT #2009]

Before Covid, I taught several yoga classes a week and was either presenting Writing Yoga® workshops or planning them during every second of my spare time. I miss my yoga students! But I had no time to focus on doing the work I was meant to do. Now, I can serve even more people, take time to practice yoga and write more poems too.

Just a few lifestyle tweaks can work big magic. Mothers tend to be major multi-takers who put the self-care task at the bottom of the list. Mothers mother. It's what we do. Teachers, nurses, your BFF might mother you too. 

The Writing Yoga® method is a powerful way to connect with your creative self, feel healthy and inspired, and still live a peaceful life. There are many working parts but ANYONE can do the essentials: 1) SIT & relax  2) WRITE in a journal and 3) MOVE the body in some way each and every day.  Ultimately, they make us feel LUMINOUS or "Lumi" for short. Aka: Lumi Sit, Lumi Write & Lumi Move! 

Sometimes it is better to MOVE first and shift your energy if you have been sitting a while. Sometimes, you need to SIT calmly and breathe before you can do anything. Taking a few minutes to WRITE your thoughts, ideas and images can be done at any time.  

For this week's practice, we will begin with a prompt to WRITE.  Writing does not have to be just words because pictures, doodles and images work your subconscious too. 

Plan to spend 1-2 hours clearing your schedule to make your own mini-retreat. Do each activity in the order below. 

WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2009: Self-Care for Mothers and those Who Mother Others

LUMI WRITE: Make a Card, Give a Card or Keep it For Yourself

Make a card for someone who has mother of you. It could be a friend or sibling. If it seems to juvenile to start from scratch, or if you are not inclined to do crafts, you can just simply get a blank card and write a note with a colored pen. 

There is something therapeutic and relaxing about using your hands. Science supports the benefit of having tactile experiences. It instantly calms the nervous system and brings a sense of peacefulness.

In your card, map out all of the beautiful textures and images and shapes that represent beauty and love for this person who is very important to you.  You can give it to them or tuck it into your journal to remember just how much you love them. 

LUMI SIT:  Clear Your Mind with a Gratitude Wash

Now for the fun part! When we do a "Lumi Write" it helps us to process and sort through what we think and feel. Look at what you wrote or drew. What surprised you? What do you love about the "mother" in your card? Why are you so grateful to have them in your life?

Close your eyes and breathe. Let your breath clear your mind. Place your hand on your heart and send loving thoughts to the mothering person in your life. Keep your hands there as long as you wish. Release your hands and continue to breathe in gratitude. Whenever you are ready, open your eyes. 

LUMI MOVE: It's Your Party So Step On Up! 

Choose a yoga pose that you love and do it throughout the day. Notice which pose grabs your attention first. Hold it for 3-5 breaths longer than you normally would do. 

Add a few other poses to surround that one. For example, you may break out into lunges and follow them with a standing balancing pose and a forward fold. (Make sure to repeat on each side!)  See what feels good and go for it. 

Need ideas? Yoga Journal has a whole pose library.  Maybe you will find something new to try. Whatever pose you choose should make you feel joyful and light. 

Let us know what pose you choose & have a very happy Mother's Day!  - Stef

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