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A Word for Every Teacher and Student at the Start of the New Year: Abundance

Our principal asked us to pick a word at the start of the school year. The word would be our North Star to guide our goals, inform our lessons, and inspire us to do great work. School initiatives sometimes fall away as the year progresses, but a good administrator won't let that happen.

She didn't let that happen. We revisited our words at the start of the new year. What would your word be?

It feels poetic to pick just one word. No long lists, no big visions, no novels. I thought about it for days. Nothing felt right. If you know my work, you know that there are three words I think about a lot: calm, creative, and compassionate. It is my desire to see all students, teachers and classrooms feel that way in every school around the world.  But these words can't be separated. 

Why?  It is easy to be calm if we feel safe. When we feel safe, we are free to find creative solutions, work harder, and take big risks. Safety means we are not threatened by others and we have compassion for others. We can be compassionate if we feel like we belong and like everyone must belong. If we value the light within us we will want other teachers and students to shine their light too. 

What word holds all that?

Luminous. But I always use that word. 

So here it is: Abundance

Abundance is meant to be for all of us. To share what we can give, to give even when it is difficult, to remember to infuse light and joy into our own lives and into the lives of others.  

May your 2023 be filled with an abundance of good health, sweet times with family and friends, and all the wealth you need to do everything you wish to do.

Take my word or make up your own. Write it down. Put it where you can see it. Let it grow wings and multiply. 


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