Welcome to Writing Yoga!

I created writing yoga to help you live your healthiest and most creative life!

Writing Yoga® began in 2007 while I was working toward my MFA in Creative Writing at Queens College, CUNY.  Meditation and asana helped me move through my days as a wife, mother, teacher, librarian and student more fluidly. Not that every day was perfect, but I would not have survived my crazy schedule without yoga!  You may have felt this way too.

Many of the writers I admire are dedicated yogis. All of my favorite yoga teachers are avid readers and scholars. So here we are, Writing Yoga®.








How can Writing Yoga® Change Your Life? 

Writing Yoga® uses principles found in yoga philosophy including balance, flexibility, breath, and intention to inspire any creative process. So why take a Writing Yoga® workshop, coaching session or retreat?

to become empowered to make positive changes in your life
to ease into life’s transitions with more confidence and clarity
to feel more sexy and joyful
to heighten your intuition
to share wisdom from sages, poets, and gurus
to relax!
to improve your body image
to feel balanced
to heal and soothe old fears and wounds
to crush writer’s block
to release though movement and meditation what arises from the pen— and to let the ideas that percolate on the mat become your most expressive, authentic writing