Welcome to Writing Yoga!

Writing Yoga® is a unique method that can help you find new ways to live a more vibrant, healthy, and joyful life! 

It all began ten years ago while I was working toward my MFA in Creative Writing. Meditation and movement helped me move through my days as a wife, mother, teacher, and student more fluidly. Not that every day was perfect, but I would not have survived my crazy schedule without yoga!  Maybe you have felt this way too?

Writing Yoga® is just the right blend of movement, writing, and creative expression that enables participants to have powerful and transformative experiences.

The Writing Yoga® Mindfulness Technique is now being introduced to children and teachers on Long Island.  Students learn how to stay calm, focused, and perform at their best. Teachers do too! Contact me to learn more about bringing this incredible professional development experience into your school!






How can Writing Yoga® Change Your Life? 

Writing Yoga® is a magical blend of yogic and writing principles such as flexibility, narrative, balance, strength and intention that can help anyone create a fuller and more passionate life. Here's why you should take a Writing Yoga® workshop...

to become empowered to make positive change
to feel more joy
to heighten your intuition
to share and cultivate wisdom
to relax!
to improve your body image
to feel balanced
to heal
to ease into life’s transitions with clarity and confidence!