What is Writing Yoga®?

The Writing Yoga® method is just the right blend of movement, writing, and creative expression that enables participants to gain insight, feel vibrant, and make positive, healthy shifts in their lives. Enjoy the benefits of writing and yoga such as greater focus, energy, balance, and joy! It is always a fun and powerful experience for all. (Read what others have said.) Sessions last from 90 minute workshops to week-long retreats. 

Writing Yoga® retreats and workshops are held at yoga studios, writing centers, schools, hospitals and conference centers.  We are based out of the Luminous Yoga program at the Glen Cove Mansion, just an hour outside of Manhattan on Long Island.  Contact me to learn more about creating a customized Writing Yoga® event for your organization.

The Writing Yoga® (WY) Mindfulness Technique is now being introduced to children and teachers on Long Island.  Students learn how to stay calm, focused, and perform at their best. Teachers do too! Contact me to learn more about bringing this incredible professional development experience into your school!

What Writing Yoga® Mindfulness can do for you and your students...

” I used two of the tools I learned in Stefanie’s WY Mindfulness training with my students: deep breathing and the idea of ‘Setting an Intention’ before a multiple chapter math test. Not only were the students able to sit calmly throughout the whole thing, they finished in less time than the regular chapter tests and had the highest test average as a group since the beginning of the year!”  – K. Burns, teacher

“My students look forward to using WY Mindfulness in class. They go right into relaxation mode as soon as I give them a prompt. Students have come to me privately and during class discussions to tell me how they are using these techniques on their own. Many have talked about using these tools when they cannot sleep or if they wake up from a bad dream. These techniques to help them relax and become less scared.” – Meryl A., teacher