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Top 7 Reasons Libraries Are Good for Your Mental Health! [WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2020]

By some good fortune, I found myself working in the library. I didn't know librarians needed a degree in Library Science. I just thought anyone who liked to read could be a librarian and they can, but it takes some studying. 

A compassionate reference librarian told me the deal. She was not condescending.  I thanked her and years later when I got my MLS, I wondered if I would have been that kind to my younger self. I'd like to think I would be, but in any case, I'm glad to be surrounded by books in work and life. 

As society gets busier and more stressful, the library becomes a sanctuary.  If you are reading this, you probably agree. But why? Here is my list of reasons libraries are good for your mental health. If you have more to add, I would love to hear about it.  


1. It's pretty much the only place you can go without a television blasting

2. You can find books about uplifting things to make like artwork, music and gardening

3. All the literature you could ever read in a lifetime is at your disposal free of charge

4. It is organized and neat (and being organized is very calming)

5. You follow a protectable routine (check in a book, check out a book, repeat)

6. The world's knowledge sits nicely on shelves without arguing

7. You can sit in a chair and read for as long as you want as time gently, soothingly evaporates


WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2020: List Three Reasons Why You Love the Library & Write 

Of course you love the library, but if for some reason you don't, you can skip this week's prompt.  Make a list of all the reasons you love your library. How does it feel to use the tables, books, and walk through stacks? What are the sounds and scents that contribute to the atmosphere? When you are done with your list, choose three and write a poem using all of your senses. Notice any themes or threads that weave through your words. 

I hope you enjoy this week's prompt and make sure to visit your library this week. 

Happy reading, 


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