Top Ten Words for a Calm Holiday Season the Writing Yoga® Way

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Can you hear those sleigh bells starting to ring? Does the thought of the approaching holidays bring on some stress? Break out your journal and write for some instant stress-relief! 

Yoga philosophy teaches us to listen to our instincts, stay focused, be a warrior for what matters, and show compassion for ourselves and others.  These are great skills to help thrive during challenging times.

If it's been a while since you have felt healthy, creative and calm, here are some lessons from the yoga mat. Think of these words throughout the day and whenever you pick up a journal to write.


  1. Breathe - Take deep breaths all day, every day.
  2. Simplicity - Keep it simple, simple gifts, simple dinners.
  3. Ease - Find the place where things feel easy, even in discomfort, especially in discomfort.
  4. Sequencing - Choose the right words to say, write, and think. Sometimes the order of your words matter more than the words themselves.
  5. Flow - Find grace, move slowly, find your flow in whatever you love to do.
  6. Truth - Live your truth. Be honest with other and yourself.
  7. Equanimity - Stay calm in difficult situations, walk, seek your balance.
  8. Grounding - Exercise, write, walk in nature, stay focused.
  9. Intuition - Trust your gut, listen to your heart, follow your instincts.
  10. Surrender - Take something off your To Do list. Better yet, burn that To Do list! Schedule in time for family, fun, work projects and anything that is important to YOU. Let all else go. Surrender to the present moment. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 
- Stef