What Does it Mean to Be an Expert (or at least know when to ask for help) - Writing Prompt

expert writing writing prompts yoga Jan 01, 2015

What does it mean to be an expert?

It feels much better to be an expert at something than to sit in a room and feel completely lost, but being “lost” can be just the thing we need to grow.  Take some time today to get to know the expert in yourself and the expert inside people you know.  Is there a particular yoga pose you want to master? Is there a topic that you want to know inside and out?

In this week’s writing prompt, we are exploring what it means to be “an expert.”

What steps will it take to arrive at mastery?  One of the biggest lessons of working toward mastery is to realize that it’s okay to not be perfect at everything. There are plenty of experts you can call on.  Think about the experts in your life. Who would you call….

  •  to be your scrabble partner
  •  to help you escape
  •  to help decorate your new apartment
  •  to go surfing in Australia with you
  • for a gluten-free appetizer recipe
  • for a ache in your back that won’t go away
  • when you blow a fuse with the hairdryer
  • when your wife leaves you
  • when your car gets broken into while you are home
  • when there’s an apocalypse
  • when you need a new haircut
  •  when you need one more player for your ultimate Frisbee team

Maybe you would be the person to call for help?  If not, this might be the year to accept help with the things that don’t come so easily and focus on getting better at what already makes you wonderful. Take a moment to journal about what it means to be an expert, honoring those you call upon when you feel lost in unknown territories.