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Three Step to Keeping a Gratitude Journal: Start with Four Days of Thanksgiving

If you want to write a book, lose weight, find a new job, move into a new home or invite anything wonderful and new into your life, you’ve got to start with gratitude. Don’t take my word for it. I certainly didn’t make this statement up. It’s universal law. You can find it repackaged in self-help books or written on thousand year scrolls. You can’t get what you think you want if you keep on knockin’ what you’ve got.

Can you live one full day under the gratitude umbrella? Can you do it for a weekend?  Can you start now?

The answer is yes. Here’s How to Keep a Gratitude Journal:

1. WHERE —- Decide where to house your gratitude. You can buy a new journal just for the purpose of recording each day’s gifts. You can open a new file on your computer or simply turn to a page in your current journal and write, “Gratitude, Day 1” at the top of a blank page.

2. HOW —- Write for Five Minutes for Four Days. Before you go to sleep tonight, take a deep breath and spend five minutes writing down everything that was RIGHT about the day. Replay your day through the lens of gratitude and write as if taking notes on a movie. Nothing is too small. Be grateful for the clean water that comes from your tap and the air you are lucky enough to breathe.

3. WHEN —- Commit to Continue.  On day five, you might miss those five minutes of joy so think about how and when you can write in your gratitude journal. Can you write every single night for one week or for one month straight?  A very doable goal might be committing to write three times a week. This gives you flexibility and consistency, two very important components to manifesting anything.

That’s my where, when and how.  If you keep a gratitude journal, share your thoughts! What makes you feel grateful?

I am grateful for each and every one of you. You keep me inspired. You keep me going.

With Love and Gratitude,



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