Can You Laugh at Yourself? You are not going to believe what I did!!! [Writing Prompt # 232]

boots imperfection writing prompt Feb 05, 2016

Running late! I decide at the last minute that the black pumps might not be so comfortable for walking around the city. I change shoes and head out the door.  I pick up my friends for our last minute plan to see my musician husband play a private concert in the Gramercy Park area of Manhattan. It will be a major event. I feel dressed up (even though I need to put a little make-up on when I get on the train) and am looking forward to music and an elegant dinner.

We get to the train station just in time. I’m putting money in the muni-meter and my friend says, “Stefanie, you’re wearing two different boots!”

What? I look down. Yep, I’m wearing two different boots!  If I go home, I’ll be late. If I stop at a store to quickly buy a pair of shoes, I’ll be late. So here’s what I do: I give up all my perfectionist instincts and pose for a picture.

Clearly I need to 1) be more mindful  2) organize my closet and 3) change my contact lens prescription.

All night, I draped my coat down my leg so it covered the thick healed boot. (Of course the spiky one is the pair I meant to wear) Luckily, we sat for most of the night.

Your prompt: Have you ever thought you were looking good, feeling good, only to find that you had toilet paper attached to your shoe or spinach in your teeth or that you left the house wearing two different boots?!   What did you do? How do you handle knowing that you are imperfect just like everyone else?  When was the last time you were able to laugh at yourself and allow others to laugh at you too?