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10 Journal Writing Ideas To Get You Writing! [Writing Yoga® Prompt #2001]

After working with thousands of students over the years, I know for certain that most people believe they do not have enough time, talent, or energy to live the life of their dreams.  I also know it's just not true!

Keeping a journal helps us to consider our deepest desires, dreams, goals and challenges. People love writing in journals, but where to start? If you feel overwhelmed or unable to connect to the part of you that has big dreams, The Writing Yoga® Method can help. It is based upon the philosophy that life does not have to be overwhelming and complicated. In fact, we work best when feeling healthy, confident, and joyful!

Here are some simple things you can do NOW to get started with a dream-building and journal writing practice. 


Before you start writing in your journal, take a "Lumi Breath."  This is what I tell my young students and this is what I will say to you. A Lumi Breath is a deep breath that makes you feel luminous. When you take a deep breath, it relaxes your body and mind in order to settle your thoughts.


Here are ten ideas to guide your writing. You can use one idea a day for the next ten days.  Be specific. Use your senses. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and go!

  1. Think of a favorite movie from your childhood/ teen life. Visualize the room. Notice everything.  Write about how you felt while watching the movie and who or what was important to you. Watch this conversation from PBS and poem by Tracy K. Smith https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLIH6ewfplA/popup for some inspiration before you begin.
  2. My favorite teacher always knew  _________________.
  3. Here's my greatest wish for the next generation _______________.
  4. What does nature teach you?  Read this poem by Rajiv Mohabir: https://poets.org/lesson-plan/teach-poem-why-whales-are-back-new-york-city-rajiv-mohabir and then write.
  5. Write a note to the part of your body that keeps giving you trouble. (bad knee, bad back, tummy troubles etc.) Who would you be if that part of you went away?
  6. Find a picture of yourself from 10 years ago that you hated at the time. Take a new look at it. What would you tell that younger version of yourself?
  7. When I sit quietly, I always think about ________________. Write about your obsessions.
  8. One act of kindness I will never forget is ________________________.
  9. Here's a crazy coincidence/ happy accident that changed my life _______________________.
  10. The moment I got out (quit a job, a relationship, last day before summer vacation etc.), here's what I did _________________.


When you are done writing, leave the journal at home, go for a walk, and allow the universe to let serendipity do its thing!

Sit, Write & Move Each Day to Cultivate a Calm, Creative & Compassionate Life.  Stay Luminous! #WritingYogaEd #Lumi4LifeYoga


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