Mothers, Mothering, and The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe [Writing Prompt #250]

mothers the old woman who lived in a shoe writing about mothers writing prompt writing yoga May 12, 2019

Some of the best mothers I have ever known never gave birth. One is an artist who plays with legos and crayons on the floor at dinner parties with the host’s children. Another is a teacher who has raised thousands of children over her long career and now goes to her former student’s weddings.

There are some mothers who have many children but like the old women who lived in a shoe, these moms are totally overwhelmed. And there are the super organized mothers (they wouldn’t dare raise their children inside a boot!) who make it look easy, but that doesn’t mean it is.

Most of us, myself included, fall somewhere in between. No shoe. No every-project-my-child-does-in-school-is-stored-in-a-filing-cabinet either. I’m super proud of my two kids who are well into college and almost out into the world, but don’t take one day or even one minute for granted. Being a mother taught me how fast, scary, crazy, unpredictable, and wonderful life can be.

So… was Mother’s Day just another day? What were the emotions bubbling up at family brunch? What judgements surround mothers? Do you judge other mothers? Do you judge yourself? Even if you are not a mother, what have the children in your life taught you about who and what you “mother”?