Yoga Informs the Weekend, Writing Informs the Yoga: The Writing Yoga® Retreat’s Top 10

linda epstein retreats retreats on long island writing writing yoga yoga Mar 30, 2015

People often ask me, “What is this Writing Yoga thing?” Here’s the short answer:  It’s alchemy. True Alchemy. It turns paper to gold. Well, not literally, but it’s my unscientific opinion that there’s a profound chemical reaction charging up your body and brain when you put these two ancient disciplines together!

My friend, Linda Epstein (literary agent and fabulously entertaining blogger), and I co-facilitate a Writing Yoga® Retreat at the Glen Cove Mansion every summer.  We thought it might be fun for our readers if we blogged on the same day about the REAL retreat experience. So let me be your virtual tour guide through the TOP 10 reasons why you need a Writing Yoga® retreat:

  1. The weekend begins by setting an intention and we take that intention seriously. Ask: What do I want from my writing, mind, body, life?  What does my character want?  What do I need to feel fully supported, brilliant and creative?
  2. You are fully supported and nurtured all weekend long.  (Our past participants can vouch for this!)
  3. There are no cookie-cutter workshops.  You will see your project in a whole new light each time you come to the page.
  4.  You get TWO individual consultations and select the sort of consult that meets your needs. It can be a 10 page line by line reading or you might choose to “pull a tarot card for your character.”  (we won’t predict the future, but using oracle cards always proves to be insightful and word count generating!)
  5. Each morning and afternoon you practice yoga (or sleep in since this is optional). But if you make it to the mat, all writing-themed classes support you and your work in progress. More intention setting, more flow, more nurturing.
  6. The Mansion dining room is ready for you so you can spend your time writing instead of in the kitchen at home. The chef knows some of us are gluten-free, vegetarian, and lactose intolerant so you can relax and enjoy each delicious meal!
  7. The writer’s showcase at a private room in a local Italian restaurant is always a favorite. It’s Saturday night so we’ve all bonded and are ready to celebrate each others work.
  8. Of course, we always bring in some of the top editors for our Friday night dinner. This year, we’ve got: Justin Chanda, Naomi Gibbs, Jill Davis, Connor Guy. (This is not a pitching event, but a chance to chat informally with some knowledgeable NYC publishing experts.)
  9. There are no kids, spouses, dishes, laundry, or day job to get in your way.
  10. You will write!

Yes, number 10 is the best part. You will really write. You will write by the pool, on the lawn, or curled inside some fluffy chair at the mansion. It is amazing what you can accomplish over the course of a very long weekend when you are feeling fully supported and nourished. Maybe that’s the true alchemy.

To get my groovy partner-in-writing-yoga-alchemy’s point of view about the retreat, check out Linda Epstein’s blog at