Write From Your Dreams! [Writing Yoga Prompt # 1254]

One night, my mother and sister had the same dream as I did.  It was a realistic dream, just a normal day at a busy city park.  I sat at a long picnic table loaded with snacks and canned seltzer.  The park was crowded, but my family sat quietly around the long table. Okay, take back the realistic part. My family is never quiet.

My grandfather walked by the table and said, “I am still here.”  My sister and mother said he appeared in their dreams that night too. And he said the same thing, "I am still here."  We all felt so peaceful afterwards. 

I don’t know what event in our lives made my Grandfather whisper reassurance in our sleeping ears. We could have been under a spell of any number of life’s transitions. It was long ago but I remember the dream part perfectly.

Lumi Sit:

Breathe deeply. Close your eyes.  Think of a wonderful dream or daydream (if night ones are hard to remember) that was memorable for you.  Notice how it feels. Sit for 5 minutes. Open your eyes. Move to the "Lumi Write" without pause. 

Lumi Write: 

What did you feel and see in the "Lumi SIt"?  Take a minute to write everything you saw and felt.   Sometime this week, when you first wake up, write from images gliding through your sleepy brain. Some poets, artists and painters use dreams as their palette. Maybe this is the day you create a masterpiece too. 

Lumi Move: 

Today is a good day to dance to a song inspired by what you wrote. Did you write about a childhood dream? Play a song you loved as a kid. Did you write about your dream of Caribbean waters? Play some Calypso!  Match the music to your mood and dance for as long as you wish. 

Remember, these prompts are just suggestions!  Sit, write and Move each day to cultivate a Calm, Creative & Compassionate Life. 



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