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How Do You Handle the Unexpected? [When Summer Came Back: WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2021]

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Last week we wore winter boots. Today, I jumped in my 10 foot wide pool. Good thing I didn't close it early.

Over the weekend, there was a street fair that had not been held in years due to weather and well, the pandemic. You saw everything from ski jackets to tank tops and no one really got it right.  A few people fainted from heat.

Having a summer day in the fall is a gift if you love warm weather and annoying if you don't.  We expect seasonal changes but lately the weather has been even more unpredictable. How do you deal with it? I will pull out the flip flops and just pretend fall never happened. I will sit by the beach and enjoy the sunset. Others will keep wearing fleece jackets even if it makes them faint. I wonder, can you avoid unexpected change by pretending it doesn't exist?

Not if you are truly mindful. If it's 80 degrees in October, please leave your winter coat at home.

WRITING YOGA® PROMPT #2021: Write about the Unexpected Reversal of Seasons

There is a children's book by James and Joseph Bruchac called Rabbit's Snow Dance. The rabbit makes it snow in summer with his song and dance.  I would be pretty upset. Write a poem or story about an unexpected change in season or weather. How does it feel to be unprepared?  Is the unseasonably warm (or cold) weather a blessing or a curse? 

May you thrive in all seasons, 


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