Time Expands When You Plan. Simple Ways to Organize Your Week


Do you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? Or do you ALWAYS feel there aren't enough hours in the day. If time is a human construct, can we find better ways to shape our days? 

Over the years I have tried a lot of different planning systems. As a librarian, organization is my thing. The problem is that sometimes I spend too much time organizing! 

So about eight years ago, I developed a system to track my time and goals. It became a planner and for 2024, I have fallen in love with it again. The video explains how it works. Basically, you do the three things each day that research shows will improve health, focus, and mindset: Sit, Write, Move. The calendar helps you remember to follow through.  

Use the chart below to check in with yourself each day. Did you make time for self-care? Did you take care of your bills? Did you spend time with the ones you love?  Give yourself a pat on the back and check the box. 

Writing Yoga ® asks us to do three things each day: Sit, Write & Move. (SWiM)  How you do them is up to you. Use this chart to note how you will make time to SWiM. Some examples: 

1) Sit. Ex. relax for 10 minutes after lunch, close my eyes for 5 minutes after work 2) Write. Ex. Write in my gratitude journal before bed, free write for 10 minutes each morning 3) Move. Take a walk for 20 minutes each day, take a yoga class three days a week. Each week is a new chance to shake up your routine and stick to what works. 

Finally, make sure to celebrate your most luminous moments of the week! There is a place for that too. 

Click this link to get the entire calendar planning page for free.  Let me know how it feels to shape the universe. 



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