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Writing Yoga ®

The Mindful Path to Calm, Creative & Compassionate Schools and Organizations 

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TEACHERS: Let's Get Rid of the Stress So You Can Be at Your Best!

Imagine feeling so calm that work and life flow with ease! Sign up for the 3 week Writing Yoga® Course. It includes writing prompts, yoga videos, and mindfulness tools that you can share with your students. Get CTLE credit too! (through Nassau BOCES with your administrator's approval).  

FREE Live Coaching Sessions to Support Your Goals:  May 9,16, 23, 2023. Additional sessions for your school included if taken for CTLE credits. 

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Feeling overwhelmed?  Learn simple ways to exercise, meditate, and work on creative projects. Have more patience and peace of mind to enjoy time with family and friends. 

Sign up for the three week Writing Yoga® Course to bring more focus and balance into all areas of your life. 

Get powerful writing prompts, yoga poses, and mindfulness tool. Workbooks and videos included! 

Live Classes meet over Zoom weekly from 7:00-8:15 pm. 

Dates: May 9, 16, 23, 2023. 

One Click to Calm!

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: I Understand What Teachers Need!

Writing Yoga ® is professional development that feels like a relaxation retreat but delivers highly effective content. It addresses challenges faced by students, teachers and administrators while aligning with SEL, ELA, and Physical Education standards. Get continuing education credits for your staff through Nassau BOCES.  

Craft a customized workplace retreat or PD session for your employees and staff. Build a calm, creative and compassionate workplace that encourages collaboration and innovation. The Writing Yoga ® method is a simple formula that brings big results. Book a free consultation to learn more. 

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