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Writing Yoga ®

The Path to Calm, Creative, & Compassionate Communities

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Professional Development for Educators

Writing Yoga ® is professional development that feels like a relaxation retreat! It addresses challenges faced by students, teachers and administrators while aligning with SEL, ELA, and Physical Education standards.  Get continuing education credits for your staff through Nassau BOCES.  

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Next Workshop for Educators - August 2022

What if you could improve focus and reduce stress in just minutes a day? In this workshop, participants will learn the three keys to vibrant health, improved focus, and relaxation for you and your students through the Writing Yoga® method. 


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Writing Yoga® Quick Summer Reset!

Summer is the perfect time to recommit to healthy habits and interests. This 3 week course will have you feeling calm, creative and compassionate towards yourself and others from day one! Each session includes writing prompts, yoga videos, and mindfulness tools from the time-tested Writing Yoga® method.

When we are relaxed, we are more able to focus on what matters most.

What matters most to you?  Give yourself the gift of healthy, mindful practices to discover and cultivate attention to the most important aspects of your life. 

The Writing Yoga® Method helps teachers, school administrators, nurses, parents and anyone who takes care of others to feel amazing. Yes, you can make big changes in little bits of time while having fun too!

This course includes unlimited access to customized products AND weekly Zoom group coaching sessions! (August 8, 15, 22)  Create your own wellness plan with our lovely luminous community. 

A calm mind and an energetic body are the recipe for an inspired life, so sign up now! 

Starts Monday, August 8, 2022.

$99 for a LIMITED TIME.  Fall pricing will return to $249. Book now to not miss out on this one time offer. Join us today! 

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